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Connecting People is Connecting Business
Our Service

Long-term success: the result of merging

customer value and sharehoholder value 


Westland offers extensive expertise and a well-established network, especially in the German-speaking countries.
Apart from Germany, our business focuses on Austria and Switzerland.  

  • We explore possibilities for co-operation

  • contact potential partners

  • set up strategic alliances

  • lobby and develop political strategies

  • negotiate and execute contracts

First class professionalism
Deep loyalty​
Assured confidentiality

Asset Management

  • Set-up of funds 

  • Investment recommen-dation

  • Organisation


  • Development of   transaction strategy

  • Set-up of deal teams 

  • Monitoring

  • Transaction management


  • Investors / Partners

  • Politics (national / EU)

  • Trade unions

  • Relevant councils & associations 

Asset Sourcing

  • Identification of investments

  • Sourcing of potential targets

Our Team

Westland investment Consulting GmbH was founded by a team of specialists with  broad professional backgrounds in capital markets, real estate and infrastructure  For that very reason we have set-up a new model for advisory and networking services.

Significant intercultural competence in setting up new businesses and joint ventures – bridging the gap  between Chinese and German investors


Shareholders with extensive expertise in investments based on their entrepreneurship


Well-established network in business, politics and associations


Comprehensive consultancy service, one stop service and co-operation


Having Christian Ganssmüller on board, a former board member of Citi Group,  gives Westland significant banking expertise that could be used, in close co-operation with the relevant supervisory authority, in implementing payment systems


Lipo Hu has substantial experience in the application of international electronic payment systems


Westland (or its predecessor) has already co-operated with: Oriental Merchant Group, Spar Gruppe, ITG Gruppe and HBB Lübeck, for instance

Our Team


Westland Investment Consulting GmbH
Our Address
Westland Investment Consulting GmbH

An der Beeke 3

38302 Wolfenbüttel

Tel.: +49 5331 352441

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